What Should You Know About Dying Your Hair?

Many people want to express themselves through their hair. This is one of the many reasons why there are so many hair styles and hundreds more guides per each hair style. However, there is more to expressing yourself with your hair than just the style of it. Many people are beginning to look towards dying their hair a specific colour. With that being said, there is an understandable amount of scepticism behind this. Once you understand a little bit more about the hair dying process, you might feel more comfortable deciding to get your hair dyed. There are two areas you will want to think about: the type of dye you want and the type of hair you have.

What Types of Dyes Are There?

There are three types of hair-colouring dye that you will want to think about. There is permanent hair dye, the demi-permanent and the semi-permanent hair dye.

The permanent dye is designed to give your hair a permanent new colour. That is, until your hair grows out or you recolour your hair. This hair dye is typically used with natural hair colours and not so much with the funky and fashionable colours. For instance, if you have blonde hair and you want to permanently dye it brown, you would consider this type of dye. It does, however, tend to be hard on the hair cuticles.

Demi-permanent dye is a step between semi and completely permanent hair colour. It is meant to last around 8 to 12 weeks and does not damage the hair nearly as much as permanent hair dye does. This is better if you care about keeping your hair healthy, while still making sure that the colour lasts a long time.

Semi-permanent dye is the gentlest hair dye that has lasting colour. It is meant to last around four to six weeks and it will eventually fade out, although it leaves your hair in good shape when it does fade. This hair dye is best for people who might not be completely sure about the colour and are willing to experiment with colours until they find one that suits their tastes.

How Does Hair Type Affect Colour And Dye?

Hair type actually affects the dye, as it makes an enormous difference in how long the dye will last. Coarse hairs, or hairs that are large in diameter are going to take more time to absorb the colour, but it will also hold the colour better. On the other hand, fine hair, or hair that is thinner in diameter, is going to absorb the colour more quickly, but it will also let go of the colour earlier than coarse hair will. Longer hair will, of course, take more dye to fully colour the hair than shorter hair will. This will usually affect the price of the dye when you choose to visit a professional hairdresser, meaning it is something you should keep in mind.

While you can definitely dye your own hair at home, it is almost always recommended that you visit a professional if you are not entirely sure about what you are doing. Doing an improper job when it comes to dying your own hair can result in permanent damage to the hair, rather than permanent colour, and nobody wants this result to happen. However, by making sure that you take good care of yourself and your hair, rest assured knowing that you will soon have hair of the colour of your choice.