What Hair Colour Is Best For 2019?

There are supposedly about twenty to fifty hair colours that are best for this year, but I’m going to subtract that by a LOT and put up three that I think are the best. And they are classics too, so you wouldn’t have to be taking too much time looking for them in stores. They are simple enough (hopefully) and I personally think that all three of them are beautiful no matter what skin-colour you have.

It’s in the matter of styling them yourself that suits you. And maybe to what you think will look. Some of us dye and style our hair to express ourselves and I believe in it whole-heartedly, as someone who struggled with identity back then. And while I say that these colours are the best for this year, it doesn’t mean that you should subject yourself to what’s in. Do what you think is best for YOU.

So with that, let’s start the list with a really common colour.

Jet Black

Don’t believe me? Well, it’s ranked 6th here (https://www.womansday.com/style/beauty/g2840/new-hair-color-ideas/) though I don’t think they were ranking any of these colours in this article. But this primary colour is right there and I cannot agree more. This one really attracts a lot of us and depending on how you style it, it would be a head-turner no matter what. I’ve rocked this myself a lot of times and whether by long strands or shorter ones, they still look pretty. No matter what kind of skin-type you have or what race you are, jet black hair is still Best Hair. Besides, it looks really natural. Natural beauty is infinitely better than anything else. And it makes us ladies look intelligent.

Baby Blonde

This is more of a wintery kind of blonde than the normal golden ones we usually see. It’s lighter and softer and looks great when you wear your darker-than-my-soul winter clothes. Most of the women who dye their hair in this style would let it be wavy. Personally, I think it’s amazing if it’s straight and has no curls in sight. However, that look only really appears attractive enough if your body-type is thin enough. But not all of us have the bodies of supermodels who barely eat anything. Style it however you want or maybe follow some hair trends here: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/hair/g3027/best-hair-color-trends/.

Icy Platinum

You’ve seen this type of hair before. It’s been a real craze a couple of years back and it seems to be making a comeback, which is great. I really like lighter colours because having almost-white hair is basically the same as being a real-life anime character. And that isn’t a bad thing if you actually look amazing at it. K-pop idols do it all the time, even with other outrageous styles and colours. Why not try it out for yourself? Who knows, this could actually be the one for you and you’d end up falling for the shade itself. Be the Khaleesi in your neighborhood and try out some braids if your hair is long enough. If not then having shorter hair is just as attractive.

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