What Colour Should Your Summer Wardrobe Be?

Most people can agree that each season has its own colour scheme. Winter is usually defined by cool blues, pinks, and purples. Spring is often coloured with greens, pinks, and pastels, celebrating new life. Autumn often has the same colours as the leaves on the trees — earthy tones with red and yellow mixed in. However, that might leave you wondering what the colour scheme of summer is.

When you are choosing clothes for the season, you will want to make sure that you are choosing clothes that match the season both in practicality and design. This means that you will also want to know which colours are best suited to the warm summer season.

What Colours Should You Focus On?

Just as winter is often defined by the cooler colours, you could think about summer being defined by the warmer tones. Many people enjoy wearing pinks and reds in the summer as they are bold, eye-catching, and often flattering. Red also goes well with the soaring temperatures as many people associate red with heat. This makes red one of the best colours to add to your summer wardrobe. Speaking of reds and pinks, a specific type of pink that you should look for is blush pink. This colour teeters on the edge of being a colour for both spring and summer as you can often find this colour associated with spring blossoms. However, blush pink is a soft, feminine colour that can add some light to your summer wardrobe.

When people think of warm colours, they often think of oranges and yellows as well. These are two more colours that you should consider adding to your wardrobe. Burnt orange is a spectacular summer colour as it has a bold appearance that will turn heads everywhere. Similar to red, it also matches the warmth of summer as well, making it a wonderful colour to add to your wardrobe. Yellow is in a similar position. Most people know yellow as a bright, optimistic colour that is often represented as the sun. What better season to wear the colour of the sun than summertime? If you don’t want to be quite as bright as the sun, you can opt for a more golden variant of yellow for the same effect.

What If You Don’t Want a Warm Colour?

Not everyone wants to wear warm colours, especially not when it is already so warm outside. Whether you simply have enough warm colours in your wardrobe or warm colours don’t suit you well, you still have another option for colouring your summer wardrobe. Many people associate the blue skies and the ocean with summertime, meaning that you could consider adding a mix of blue to your wardrobe.

If you are going for a lighter colour, you could add some sky blue for a beautiful airy colour. If you want something a little bit deeper, you could look at deep, rich blues as well. Adding blue to your wardrobe will be one of the best things you can do for yourself and your summer attire.

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